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“Eaux-de-Vie, French for “Water-of-Life”
Cognac, a specific variety of brandy, derives its name from the town of Cognac, France, which, along with the surrounding area, is the only location that produces the Ugni Blanc grapes necessary for production of the liquor. The price of cognac depends on a variety of factors which are legally determined by the use of grades, ranging from Very Special(VS) to Extra Old (XO), with other grades such as Hors d’âge used to indicate age beyond the grade scale. Other factors that affect the price of cognac include the type of grapes used, age, and blend of the liquor.

Indulge yourself by combining the aroma of Cognac with the sweetness and magic aphrodisiac taste of gourmet chocolate, starting at just $35 per person. ($35, $50, $100, $200)

Our Tastings:

THE AGE – $35
Color and taste are affected by how long the cognac was stored in oak barrels.

Explore different aromoas, from lightly floral to fruity induglence.

This is to enjoy the strong, old woody smoky and spicy flavors of some cognacs.

This is the big adventure for the cognac connoisseurs! We just need to say Louis XIII.