1740 Broadway • New York, NY • (212) 757-3600

The authentic French Brasserie décor includes a number of unique features that will pique your imagination and transport you to the streets of Paris. To maintain authenticity, Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato decided to have the entire restaurant carved and assembled in Paris and then shipped to New York City. The interior of Brasserie Cognac is designed with vaulted ceilings covered with tin, a spectacular zinc bar, an imposing baguette tower topped with round oversized clocks and a private Cognac dining room with hand painted Romantic murals.

Brasserie Cognac has a lively bar and lounge area with large windows to provide views of the bustling street activity outside. The outdoor café provides diners with views of Times Square as they enjoy their meals, while the main dining room gives patrons a quiet, intimate alternative to the bustling theater district.

Within the space of Brasserie Cognac there is also an adjacent bakery/rôtisserie with a separate entrance, which produces freshly baked croissants, baguettes and brioche throughout the day. Providing a refuge to enjoy cappuccino or café au lait, the bakery also offers fresh salads, sandwiches and free-range roasted chickens.

Interior Design

Julius Babilonia
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Gabi Giar


Main Dining Room: 90 Bar/Lounge: 30 Side Lounge: 30 Cognac Room: 60 Outdoor Café: 40
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